Terms & Conditions

  • The administration of the application shall comply with the limits permitted by law to not disclose any personal information about the user or subscriber. Moreover, none of the information will be exchanged or traded to any other party.
  • Access to information will be allowed only by qualified individuals and professionals who have the necessary legal skills and experience in dealing with all situations.
  • The application shall be responsible for any contracts or agreements held independently between a user or any other party.
  • Although we will see all the certificates and documents that indicate the level and competencies, but we do not guarantee the validity of 100% and any mistakes or mistakes are the responsibility of those who have. The application and its management shall not be liable for any legal liability or compensation for any errors resulting from the use of any of its services or contents.
  • In the event that the application sends messages to any private or public entity, other than the judicial authorities, instead of the client, it is based on the desire and consent to delegate and authorize the application, and there is no legal responsibility for the application and management thereof. I acknowledge and agree that any information contained in this legal consultation, either by me or through someone else, has been compromised at any stage of the legal consultation or legal proceedings. I am responsible for this responsibility. I hereby undertake that all data and information contained in this consultation Of the laws or legal procedures are correct and bear full responsibility.
  • Legal Disclaimer

  • The user acknowledges that he is solely responsible for the use of the application and the administration of the application and the party's responsibility to the maximum extent of the law shall not give full responsibility for any information provided, losses, damages, expenses or expenses incurred by the user or exposed to it or any methods Another result of the use of the application and what is followed.
  • Your use of the application means your full acceptance of all the conditions contained in this page and management of the application.
  • This Agreement may change from time to time as we believe is appropriate for the purpose of the application, so please review it from time to time.